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Suffering from hayfever and need some help? TalkAllergy are hosting a free expert hayfever forum, led by allergy specialists for 7 days from Friday 20th May. Here is the info for you:

Online Clinic Offers Hay Fever Help
     11 May 11
With the season of sniffs and sneezes now upon us there are millions looking for the best way of relieving their symptoms of hay fever, an allergic condition which affects two out of every 10 people in the UK.

Is medication the answer, or is self-help lifestyle management the most effective treatment? Standing by with expert advice online for just one week is a top medical team from King’s College London Allergy Academy – which provides education in the field of allergy to patients and their families as well as health care professionals..

An open clinic on hay fever will be launched by on Friday May 20 for seven days, in partnership with NHS Choices and patient support charity Action Against Allergy. Taking part will be Dr Adam Fox, paediatric allergy consultant; Dr Rubaiyat Haque, consultant allergist; Dr Helen Brough, clinical lecturer in paediatric allergy and Dr Joanna Lukawska, specialist registrar in allergy. They are all with the allergy team at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and will answer questions concerning hay fever problems suffered both by adults and children.

The workshop forum is free to access after registering as a member on or any of its sister sites. All the questions and the experts’ answers given will be available for site visitors to view during the week and after it has closed.

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