Yummy 100% Grass-Fed Beef

I wrote this post on the trulyglutenfree site the other day but, after chatting to a couple of you, I think it may be of use to non-TGFers too so copy it here for you. The quality of meat we eat is so important and, with grass-fed organic beef, you’re not going to go far wrong.

“I have now received my delivery of 100% organic grass-fed beef from Sheepdrove. See my previous post here. My verdict: fab!

After first wincing at having to deal with all the meat (and, er, juices, shall I say?), I have happily portioned things out and stocked up my freezer. The 1kg bag of lean mince made several one-person portions of mincemeat, which I had in a tomato sauce with courgette ribbons on the night of the delivery – delish – and two thick burgers I made with an egg ring and pressed down with a spoon. The mince was indeed lean and there was no fat or water coming out of it when I cooked it. The only thing I would say is that it didn’t break up very much, presumably having been squashed into the bag, but I was happy with mince chunks, if you like. I may actually get a mincer and mince it myself later on.

The 1kg bag of beef chunks made about 7 portions and the 2 sirloin steaks I bought were so huge I cut them in half and made four, frozen separately.

The roasting joint (all 3.7kg of it – yikes,) I roasted yesterday. I had the first couple of slices with a mound of roasted carrots, parsnips and onions with a decent pile of steamed cabbage on the side last night. I even made gravy with some of the juices by mashing some of the onion in and watering it down with some cabbage steaming water. Delish again. I have ordered an electric knife so that I can cut the rest of the joint into thin slices and portion that out to freeze next.

The quality of the meat is fantastic. You can see just by looking at it how good the beef is – beautiful rich colour, hardly any fat (enough to make it tasty as I can testify) and lots of healthy muscle. Best of all, no sign of a reaction, which I do get to grain-fed meat. Relief.

The whole lot cost me about £100 plus £12 delivery and I reckon should last me a good 6 months, although I enjoyed the mince so much, I may have to get some more of that, or some meat to mince, to make a freezer batch of spag bol type sauce, chilli, cottage pie and meatballs. Check out Sheepdrove or any of the other recommended grass-fed meat suppliers in the ebook.”

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