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I received a press release from Viridian this morning about a new study showing how eating more garlic can help lower your cholesterol. Many of us have been saying this for years, of course, but it is nice to hear it again.

I copy the release for you below, mainly because it contains a mushroom dip recipe I thought you might like. Obviously there are many garlic supplements on the market – and Viridian do one, of course. I like the Viridian brand because it is extremely ethical and the products are usually solid too. The garlic I tend to recommend the most, though, especially if you have high blood pressure is Wild Bearlic Garlic from AOR, so take a look at that too. Here is some info for you from AOR:

Bearlic is Allium ursinum , the wild European “bear’s garlic.” This unique and exciting species contains between two and four times as much of several key phytochemicals (including adenosine, gamma-glytamyl, peptides, and ajoenes) as more common forms. Unlike ordinary garlic in other supplements, ursinum has never been successfully cultivated and its powerful active strength comes not from the bulb, but from the green leaves. It is found in damp areas such as the woods, hills and mountains of central Europe. Major advantages that ursinum has over domestic garlic include: more of the active substances present, other active substances that are not found in cultivated garlic – or found only when large quantities are taken – and ursinum is virtually odorless. Studies also suggest that Allium ursinum may offer greater support to the cardiovascular system.
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  AOR 25023 90 Vegi Caps (300mg) 1 Month £23.20
Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Elderly


Allium ursinum concentrate 300mg


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Vegetarian (Hydroxypropylmethycellulose, sorbitol, silicon dioxide and water).


Serving Size:

1 Capsule


Suggested Adult Intake:

Take one capsule two to three times daily, or as directed.



None known at recommended dosage.

 Remember, though, that cholesterol is important to us and that too low is as bad as too high. For my take on cholesterol and statins, take a look at previous posts here, here and here. See also the page on High Cholesterol on the clinic site, where you also download a 10 page factsheet. 

And here is the press release and recipe, which sounds yummy:

Eat More Garlic And Lower Your Cholesterol Say Health Experts
     10 May 11
Who would have thought that eating a clove of garlic a day could help keep your heart healthy and happy? But a recent study on garlic carried out by Doctor Stephen Warshafsky from the New York Medical College shows just that.

The study’s aim was to assess the size and consistency of garlic’s effect on total serum cholesterol in persons with cholesterol levels greater than 5.17 mmol/L (200 mg/dL) and found that ‘Meta-analysis of the controlled trials of garlic to reduce hypercholesterolemia showed a significant reduction in total cholesterol levels. The best available evidence suggests that garlic, in an amount approximating one half to one clove per day, decreased total serum cholesterol levels by about 9% in the groups of patients studied.’1

And a new book just published by ground-breaking British Medicinal Chef and health expert, Dale Pinnock – ‘Medicinal Cookery: How You Can Benefit From Nature’s Edible Pharmacy’2 – includes a specially created recipe that include garlic, for this very reason.

Dale explains: “among other things, garlic contains a powerful antioxidant that is believed to prevent LDL (bad) cholesterol from oxidizing. It is this process that causes cholesterol to clog up arteries, so anything we can do to stop this has got to be a winner. There are also sulphurous chemicals present that are believed to affect the production of this ‘bad cholesterol’ transporter, thus leading to a greater presence of the ‘good’ HDL.”

“Garlic also contains a potent compound called ajoene. This chemical has an interaction with a biochemical messenger called platelet aggregation factor. This compound tells the platelets in the blood to stick together and form a blood clot. The ajoene found in fresh garlic helps to lower heart attack risk in general, although we must note that this protective effect comes from prolonged use.”

And here is the recipe Dale included in his book…

“Shiitake and Sunflower Pâté
A gorgeous smooth, mushroomy pâté that is divine spread on crackers, toast, or as a dip for veggies. Its deep, earthy flavour keeps people coming back for more and more.

1 punnet of fresh shiitake mushrooms
3 tablespoons raw sunflower seeds
2 cloves of garlic
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Dash of soy sauce

This is the easiest dip in the world to make. Just throw it all into a food processor and blend into a smooth dip. That’s it! No… really… that’s actually IT. Season to taste. You can add more oil if you would prefer a slightly thinner dip.

Additional Medicinal Properties

Shiitake Mushrooms – recent clinical trials in China and Japan have shown that shiitake may offer a protection against high cholesterol. This is due to the presence of a compound called eritadenine. Eritadenine appears to be able to encourage the conversion of the bad LDL cholesterol into the good HDL cholesterol, and also to give a general lowering of blood lipids (fats).

Sunflower Seeds – these gorgeous seeds are a fantastically rich source of a group of plant chemicals called phytosterols that help to reduce the level of cholesterol taken up by the digestive tract. Cholesterol moves around our body in a bit of a loop system. It is made in the liver from specific dietary fats and then transported throughout the body via several mechanisms. One mechanism, in particular, involves cholesterol being released from the liver into the digestive tract, where it is reabsorbed into the general circulation. Phytosterols actually block this reabsorption, thus allowing the cholesterol in the gut to be removed from the body via the bowel. The cholesterol lowering activities of phytosterols have been very well documented in recent years, thus adding to their popularity.”

This recipe includes garlic, but not everyone wants to eat garlic every day. Supplements such as Organic Garlic Veg Caps, which can be taken daily, are available from Viridian Nutrition.

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