European Call To Ban Mobiles And WiFi In Schools

A powerful European committee, composed of 84 MPs and politicians from 47 European member states has called for a ban on mobile and wireless networks in schools across the whole of Europe after reviewing the latest research on the effects of electromagnetic fields and getting fresh evidence from experts.

They concluded member states should:

• Set thresholds for levels of long-term exposure to microwaves of the type emitted by mobile phones

• Introduce clear labelling on products indicating the presence of electromagnetic fields and any health risks associated with use

• Ban all mobile phones and wireless networks in classrooms and schools

• Run information campaigns aimed at children and young adults about the risks to human health and

• Step up research on less-dangerous types of antennae and mobile phones.

Of course, the recommendations have been welcomed by bodies like Powerwatch, long concerned with what many feel to be a human guinea-pig electromagnetic experiment, but the World Health Organisation maintains the risks are minimal. Personally, it worries the heck out of me how much electromagnetic radiation is now in the environment, especially near our children. We just don’t know what the long term effects might be, but there are plenty of clues for the worry to be warranted.

The committee report ends by saying:

“After analysing the scientific studies available to date, and also following the hearings for expert opinions organised in the context of the Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs, there is sufficient evidence of potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic fields on fauna, flora and human health to react and to guard against potentially serious environmental and health hazards.”

Read a report from The Telegraph here. 

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