TrulyGlutenFree Site Launches!

Hoorah! Today, I have launched the new site dedicated to all of you who are truly gluten and grain sensitive at

I have had so many queries and questions since I launched the TrulyGlutenFree ebook and wrote the No Grain: No Pain article to introduce the subject that I felt it needed its own site. I didn’t want to risk boring the 800 or so of you reading this Purehealth blog with info you don’t necessarily need either!

There will inevitably be some crossover between the sites and blogs if I think a bit of news or a recipe will be of interest to both sets of readers, so forgive me if you sign up for both!

The current gluten sensitivity section will stay on the Purehealth site, but there will be a lot more on trulyglutenfree (aka TGF as it is already becoming known).

So, if you suspect grains are not your friend, you don’t feel better even though you are on a gluten free diet, you’re chronically ill for no apparent reason, you’re at risk of an auto-immune disease, or even if you just want to cut down your carb, gluten and/or grain consumption, sign up to the new blog and take a look at the site. There, you will find explanations about true gluten sensitivity, testing options, tips, recipes, research and much more.

I hope you like it. It is evolving so more will be added as I get chance. Meantime, here’s the address again:

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