New Gluten Sensitivity Ebook!

At long last, after months of researching, I have finished the gluten sensitivity ebook!

I chose to write it because:

  • most people have no clue that gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease are completely separate things
  • that coeliac disease is just ONE form of gluten illness (there are 100s of others) that is caused by a genetic gluten sensitivity
  • that most gluten illness has NOTHING to do with the gut or villi damage
  • that the only common denominator in auto-immune diseases seems to be gluten
  • nor that there is gluten in ALL grains, not just in wheat, rye, barley and oats.

I know, it’s a shocker, isn’t it?! This is life-changing and pretty ground-breaking stuff, though I say it myself!

You can now get a genetic test to find out if you are likely to have a gluten problem, whether that is to traditional gliadin, CD or not, and you don’t have to be eating gluten to have it.

I have put some new pages on the site with tons of info and resources, including the test options and you can get the ebook here.

Phew. I need a lie down.

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