NHR Aroma Boxes 25-40% Discounts

NHR Gift Boxes

Blow me these offers are coming in thick and fast! And I’m only picking the best ones to tell you about. Here’s a goodie. NHR make my favourite essential oils: their quality is second-to-none and, for that reason, I used to use them in the clinics.

They have got their gift boxes on 25-40% discounts and you can order next day delivery until 22nd December so take a look. They really are a great buy either for yourself or as a gift. There are a few to choose from, including Baby and Children, Starter kits for budding aromatherapists or those who simply like to have the right oils in, Rose, Relaxation, Exotic, Holiday, oils for cooking and there is even a new New Year Refresh and Cleanse Kit, just launched. Just fab. I love them.

Have a look here – and please mention my name when ordering so I can get some commission too, thank you.

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