Non-Allergen Wines

Fancy a tipple this Christmas? Me too! I love wine, particularly heavy red wine, and most are fine for me, thankfully. (C’mon, I have to have some vices!) But don’t you find sometimes that a particular wine just doesn’t ‘like’ you for some unknown reason? I often feel that. It could possibly be the sulphite content, or the fact that some wines contain common allergens like fish and dairy.

Here is some help for you. Foodsmatter this issue gives us an article about sulphites in wine and an offer when you buy £60 worth. See here. Also, there is a great piece, albeit done in 2008 (I shall have to update it) explaining the presence of other allergens used in the ‘fining’ process of wine-making. These allergens include:

  • Casein – cow’s milk protein
    • Albumin – egg whites
    • Chitin – from shellfish
    • Gelatine – from cow or pig bones/tissues
    • Isinglass – extracted from fish swim bladders

They’re not strictly used as ‘ingredients’ and therefore not labelled as such (unhelpfully) because the wine is ‘passed-through’ finings made of these to help refine it, I believe. But there is enough residual product left to cause some people a problem so watch out, especially if you are dairy free!

A good source of vegan wine info is and I have found that most Co-op wines are labelled if they are vegetarian or vegan. They also do a lot of fairtrade.  I also know M&S label any vegan wines they sell so keep a look out for these and in your local supermarket – let us all know if you find any goodies.

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