Over-Indulgence Tips

I saw this and thought of you (I sound like an advert!) For those times when you drink and eat more than you should, here’s a great idea. Would also make a great gift for someone who does that regularly.

After Dinner & Hangover Hotchpotch
After Dinner & Hangover Hotchpotch

(Use ZZPUR001 as my code when ordering, calls only, thanks and don’t forget the 15% offer that’s on either – ends tomorrow (12th) so get your skates on).

Or, how about simple Nutrigold Milk Thistle (take 1 before you go out, 1 during and 1 when you come back if you’re planning to drink more alcohol than usual), Vogel’s Peppermint Complex, which solves all manner of stomach discomfort or Heels Nux Vom? Both latter products fit nicely in your bag or pocket so you can drip some onto your tongue or in some water when you need a little help to stop that queasy feeling.

Not that I’m advocating over-indulgence, mind, but I’m nothing if not realistic. I’d better make sure I’ve got some in; those DF truffles aren’t going to eat themselves.

You can get all products via Nutricentre on 0845 602 6744 or www.naturaldispensary.co.uk as usual. Enjoy. But not too much.

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