York Fingerprick Intolerance and Health Tests

Hot on the heels of the IgE allergy fingerprick test range from Imutest I added to the site recently, now the York food intolerance fingerprick tests are available for you too.

Have I Got An Intolerance?

The First Step ‘have I or haven’t I?’ test shows whether an IgG intolerance is involved somewhere before you commit to a 76 or 113 IgG fingerprick foodscan.

Intolerance Diet

You can also have a Body ID Intolerance Diet Plan designed for you, which uses the results of your fingerprick intolerance test to advise what sort of foods you should eat more or less of.   

The benefit of these tests are that you can do the blood sample at home rather than going to the docs. This checks for IgG allergy, which is the main antibody involved in intolerance rather than allergy, which is normally IgE.

Airborne Allergy

The York fingerprick IgE airborne/environmental allergy check tests you for the top 12 most common substances with results in 10 days or so, and the Imutest one checks the top three (cat, dustmite and grass pollen) within 30 minutes.

Liver Function Test

I have also added a fingerprick liver enzyme check so you can get a look at your liver function plus a

Homocysteine Test

 to check for this important health indicator (see my recent post about B vits, homocysteine and cognitive decline and this one about the top three health indicators) and a

GL Blood Sugar Check

The new GL Check is also really useful, especially if you are gaining belly fat and are considering a low GL diet, or if you are at risk of diabetes. It is a fingerprick test to measure HBA1c and will tell you if a low GL diet would be a good idea for you.

They are all now on the shop at www.purehealthshop.co.uk. Hope they are useful for you.

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