Quotes of the Week

I read two interesting sentences this morning, and thought I’d share them with you. Both are from the Guardian Weekend magazine.

First, one from Oliver Burkeman’s column where he is discussing the fact that the relationship and attitude we have towards stuff is more important than trying to be positive all the time, which I think is so true. We are encouraged so much to ‘think positive’ but actually it is much more about seeing things differently and being in control of thoughts in my view: 

“The point isn’t to improve your thoughts and feelings, or stamp out negative ones, so much as to ‘unhook’ from them; to stop being a puppet they jerk around.”

The second, from Lucy Mangan’s usually hilarious column in the same mag, is some semi-serious advice about dieting she gives to her boyfriend, Tory Boy, who clearly has no inkling of what is good or bad for him, having just gorged on a sandwich with a whole pot of seafood mayo mix in it and a pork pie in the mistaken belief they were good diet foods.

She refers him to what she calls the ‘Salad Deviation Scale,’ which I think is a masterpiece of diet training! Here is their conversation:

LM: “So, before you put anything on your plate or in your mouth, you must ask yourself the following question: ‘How different is this from salad?’ So, if it’s fruit?”

TB: “Not very different.”

LM: “And you may eat. Anything with fat dripping off or scattered in lumps throughout it?”

TB: “Very different. And I must not eat it.”

Quite. How far away from a healthy salad is the food you are about to eat? Makes you think.

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