Asda FreeFrom Online

I note that Asda has launched a new part of its online shopping site that is easier for you to find gluten, dairy, wheat, eggs etc free food items. The new Asda Freefrom site is at Might be worth a look. Hope it helps.

FreeFrom Award Winners

Ages ago (oops!) I promised to let you know which food products won the prestigious freefrom food awards this year. You can get the full list from their site here: I note a cake won the best FF prize, Mrs Crimbles beat Genius bread to the top bread spot, Oatly cream won the dairy-free …

Did You Know…?

...that malt comes mostly from barley? This is a gluten grain and so you need to be aware that a lot of foods have malt added to them for flavour. Malt extract is used very commonly in breakfast cereals, for example. Watch out for it. It was the malted barley in my rice krispies that …

Wheat in White Pepper

A quickie. Dorothy just called having read my latest piece about coeliac disease to tell me to be careful with white pepper. She says it is often bulked out with wheat! Well, that's a new one on me - so watch out for it! Thanks D.