Long Covid Conference Summary

With many thanks to our friend Michelle at Foodsmatter for providing us with an excellent and very useful summary of the recent Long Covid Conference run by Biolab. Some excellent up to date information detailing several expert views on what’s going on and potential strategies for treatment.

I am happy to say that I have been recommending several of them from the start, not least an anti-viral approach I have used in clinic for years for ME/CFS when it is post-viral. I always thought issues were coming fast down the line and needed to be nipped in the bud before they took hold. I hope I at least managed to head Long Covid off for some of you.

Have a read below, and I’ve added it to the Long Covid section in my free Covid Factsheet for you here. You can also see my blog posts and video on Long Covid here. (I look swollen and pale here and, in fact, think I had a touch of Long Covid myself when I was doing this!).

Hope it helps. You can book some support here if you need me.

I need to change this cover to read last 24 months, don’t I?!

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