Are You Detoxing Moulds, Meds, Alcohol, Hormones Well Enough?

Pleased to report today that LGx has updated it’s Genetic Detoxification test to help people discover if they are strong or weak at detoxing five specific compounds.

The Detoxification report describes the genes, nutrients, and lifestyle and environmental factors that can impact detoxification. In addition to a detoxification overview diagram, it provides five new personalised summary pathways and detailed results, followed by a detoxification guide. The pathways covered are: 



Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)


Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

That is really useful! Especially the mould one. In some cases, it could be that you have low mycotoxin results, but that you are not very effectively getting moulds out of your body, hence a build up of inflammatory symptoms.

If you are a regular drinker or take painkillers like NSAIDS/paracetamol, do you need extra support to detoxify them and prevent build up? The longer they hang around, the more pressure they put on your liver and the more damaging they can be to tissues in the gut especially.

The test will show any detox weaknesses generally and in these specific pathways, and show you ways to support the process if it is falling down somewhere.

Detoxification is the physiological removal of toxic substances from the human body. It is mainly carried out by the liver, and to a lesser extent the small intestine, kidneys and lungs. Substances such as nutrients, food additives, pesticides, medications, air pollutants, alcohol and hormones are transformed from being fat-soluble to water-soluble, allowing them to be more easily excreted from the body. The process occurs in two major phases: Phase I primes toxic molecules for deactivation and Phase II finishes the deactivation and prepares for elimination.

Poor detoxification can cause symptoms such as headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, allergies, skin disorders, weight gain, bloating, acid reflux and heartburn, excessive sweating, chronic infections, subfertility, low libido, poor mental function and low stress tolerance.


So, note hormone detox there. Really important. Also, this detox report is the one I give to see if there are any genetic reasons why someone is more likely to get sensitive to foods etc. I did it myself and it answered quite a few questions for me. I found I had problems with glutathione, acetylation and transporting toxins out. Now I know, I also know how to support my particular needs better with personalised approach.

You can order one LGx report, or several. The first is £399 and includes a test report from me to go over your results. You can add-on other reports and each report added costs £150. You can see the different Lifecode Gx reports here, the test instructions here and sample reports here. There is also an introductory brochure here. Please put in comments which reports you want when you order on the shop, thanks.

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