Us Sensitive People Rule The World!

Great to see an article extolling the virtues of hypersensitive people and calling for us to be recognised as important in society.

One in five of us struggle to cope with everyday smells, sounds and images. Rather than a weakness, this extreme sensitivity could be a strength in everything from the pandemic to the climate crisis

The Guardian

“When these people have information coming in, they process it much more deeply and more elaborately,” explains Genevieve von Lob, a clinical psychologist who works with many highly sensitive people, especially children. “They tend to take in much more information from lots of different kinds of stimuli. And then they’re processing it more deeply than a non-sensitive person – and because they’re taking in so much at once they can get much more overstimulated, overaroused and overwhelmed.”

Hands up who recognises themselves there. My hand is well and truly up. Even more so after I had therapy for the PTSD. I sometimes feel so raw and exposed now. I often wish I’d kept my lovely, childhood protective suit of armour on, you know!

Anyway, read the full article here to understand why people sometimes are overwhelmed easily – and why you really shouldn’t be calling them ‘over-sensitive’ or ‘too emotional’. I used to get this all the time. It’s not a fault or a weakness, it’s a strength. We need people who can truly empathise and feel if we’re truly going to ‘build back better’. God, I hate that ruddy phrase now 😉

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