Art on Prescription

An evaluation revealed a 71% decrease in feelings of anxiety and a 73% fall in depression; 76% of participants said their wellbeing increased and 69% felt more socially included.

Arts & Minds, an arts and mental health charity runs weekly art workshops for people experiencing depression, stress or anxiety in Cambridgeshire. Sessions are led by an artist and counsellor and it has an Arts on Prescription project which offers participants the chance to work with a range of materials and techniques, including printmaking and sculpture. The impact has been outstanding, as you can see from the stats above.

You can join the Arts on Prescription programme online currently, details here.

Or, maybe it’s time to find your own local arts group and join. I am planning to when we move. My mind is craving creative activity – and if it helps your mental health to this degree, maybe we should all be doing some! Check the Meet-Up towns and cities list and see what you can find in your area. If you’re not in the UK, start here instead.

Interestingly, I see it is a subject being discussed by Public Health England too, which is reassuring.

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  1. What a wonder initiative, I’ve just started an art class and I found it so rewarding. 3 hours where I just immersed myself in learning and sketching. I loved it. I really think this could help people so it’s great to see it is available online,

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