Which Mask?

With the regulations changing and more mask-less people out and about, transmitting and catching Covid – and possibly having to deal with Long Covid for months – is more likely. Therefore, it strikes me that the effectiveness of our masks is going to become even more important!

I note that Scotland has recommended the continued use of masks today (13th July 21), whereas the English government says it’s up to us. Sigh. Abdication of responsibility, methinks. Just look at ‘common sense’ last Summer on the beaches and the spikes after Christmas. Sadly, some people do not have others’ welfare in mind.

Sometimes, I wish I lived in Scotland. Their handling of the pandemic has been much better, as has Wales’. I feel they have looked after their populations much better. I’m all for getting our normal life back, but not at the cost of more Long Covid sufferers and extending the NHS backlog for other conditions, including cancer and heart disease, even further. I note the Dutch PM has apologised for opening up too early, so there is precedent here.

Anyway, personally, I shall be continuing to wear my mask indoors when I deem necessary and in crowded places to protect others as well as myself. (I will also keep windows open, but that’s not a toughie, since I am a fresh air fiend!)

But which mask to use? We need a goodie.

I’ve been using the one recommended in the Which survey in May: the Airpop Pocket. I could get a whizz-bangy medical type, but realistically I need to breathe through it and be able to wash it, not having to discard it after one use, which is not environmentally sound.

Anyway, I share the survey here for you, and you can get the Airpop here.

Some of you have recommended other masks, too.

Cambridge masks – with a filter cover look good. Many multiple chemical sensitivity sufferers wear those. There has always been a question over using masks with valves, but they recommend using a valve deactivator. Some countries demand it.

FFP3 masks are meant to be the most effective, although comparing masks, as I’ve found, is not easy as there are so many different accreditations! They are single use and pretty expensive but worth it if you need a goodie in a crowded space for some time.

Hope that helps. Keep safe. Nearly there 🙂

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