Are You Oestrogen Dominant?

Oestrogen dominance affects both men and women, but you only really ever tend to see it discussed for women. It basically means where your oestrogen to progesterone ratio is out – the oestrogen is out of proportion.

That can be because the progesterone is too low, which is pretty common OR because the oestrogen intake from meds or the environment is too high OR because you’re not processing it out of your system very well.

Either way, too much oestrogen is not a good idea since many cancers and medical conditions are oestrogenic. Too much circulating about can be used, if you see what I mean. That might mean in endometriosis, fibroids or breast cancer, for example in women, or low libido, fertility issues, man ‘boobs’ or even prostate problems for men.

To mark International Women’s Day 2021, I’ve updated the Oestrogen Dominance factsheet for you – although this is a problem just as much for men too! I hope it helps.

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