Immune-Boosting Smoothie

Here’s an easy way to boost your immunity – and goodness knows we all need to keep an eye on that this Winter!

A handful of frozen berry mix. I use a mix of red berries and some mango/pineapple/papaya mix from the supermarket

A banana or half a banana and half an avocado

Some greens – a little spinach or kale, or even green apple to start off with as your taste buds change. Increase this over time and bring the fruit down.

Big spoonful of unsweetened live coconut or soya yogurt or a spoonful of probiotic

A scoop of protein powder or a couple of capsules of free form amino acids

Tablespoon of immune powder (not GrF) TGFers and if you can’t afford this – check the COVID document here and follow the guidance in supplements there. Make sure you include Vitamin C, D and zinc.

Cover with your choice of plant milk (or add 4 brazils and water to make a nut milk) and blend until smooth.

Having that daily or a few times a week will really keep your immune system tip-top.

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