Quote of the Week: Autoimmunity

I couldn’t have put this better myself:

Managing autoimmunity goes well beyond nutritional supplements and a restrictive diet. Instead, you must focus on treating the whole person and all the various factors that are a part of their life.

— DR Datis Kharrazian

One thing Dr. Kharrazian continually sees are people who are always looking for the next supplement, the next diet, or the next protocol that’s going to turn their health around. In the meantime, their lifestyle or personal life is a disaster.

I see this ALL the time – and especially relationships that are not only unsupportive, but toxic. People just find it harder to get well. He says the same thing:

“… autoimmune patients who have support from their spouse, friends, and family have a much better prognosis than the patient who either has no support or is belittled and disparaged by the people in their life.”


When it comes to autoimmune disease, Dr K reminds us that the following factors can have profound impacts on management and prognosis:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Living and work environments
  • Stress levels
  • Sleep
  • Relationships and interactions with other people
  • Belief systems

Yup again. This is what I learned in my own life. I’ve not tested myself for autoimmunity but I’m pretty darn sure it’s there, not least in my gut and mouth. I sort of daren’t look, you know, but I should! (See here for how to test for autoimmunity properly).

8 Step Healing Plan: Recovery from Chronic Illness with Mind-Body Medicine by [Michaela Rose, Hannah Lawrence]

And the Healing Plan is the book I wrote about how to change those deep-set beliefs, release the emotions behind physical symptoms and, importantly, show you the methods that help put you into a healing state instead of a chronic disease state.

People think you can’t do anything about autoimmunity. Tosh. You can at least bring inflammation down, help to manage symptoms and, in some cases, I have seen it reverse; markers reducing as people start to feel better. It’s not going to work in every case, of course, but it is definitely something worth considering.

Take action on autoimmunity as much as you can. Especially in the early days – prevention is worth much more than an ounce of cure in this area!

How do you work on autoimmune conditions? I get people to combine the Gluten Plan diet and protocols – especially the Autoimmune protocol in that with the methods in the Healing Plan. It takes work, I grant you, but that is nothing compared to stopping the progression of some of these diseases. Please try x

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