New Test Process Underway!

During lockdown – not that things have slowed down that much after the first couple of months, actually – I’ve had a good think about how we’re doing at Purehealth. I realised I have a lot of project ideas, but never enough time to do them.

The reason: the test service – which clearly is something you all need, and I am more than thankful that you trust my lab knowledge and order through me – but it has become a bit of a beast and has eaten all my available time, more or less. A bit like this hungry monkey, but not as smiley….

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So, what to do?

My skill is in supporting you, research and writing. My true raison d’etre at Purehealth has always been to share really practical, I hope life-changing knowledge from my years as a clinician in a way that you can actually use to make a significant change to your health and life. It has always struck me as somehow wrong that I pass that knowledge on to whoever can afford to sit opposite me as a ‘bum on a seat’ patient – much as I do love that! – when I could be communicating that knowledge much more effectively to the masses of you who need it, you know?

Bin the Test Service or Work Smarter (as they say!)?

I came very close to binning it. Let’s face it: I never set out to run a test facilitation service, did I?! I did almost bin it in favour of more care, research, writing and teaching time.

BUT, I know how many of you rely on being able to access lab tests and I am now – whether I like it or not – a font of all lab testing knowledge! So, instead, I am changing the test ordering process so that you order direct from the labs instead of me doing all that extra admin.

New Test Order Process

Here is how it will work. I’ve set up a new Tests area on the Purehealth Clinic website here.

On that page, I have explained how the new process works. Under that page, I am gradually reviewing the tests available in the various sections and writing a new test guide for each for you. So far, I have completed Adrenal, Thyroid, Gut and Hormone tests. Who knows, there may be more when you read this; I am beavering away!

It’s been a good opportunity, actually, to look at all the various tests and assess which will give us the most practical, useful – useable – information. Because there is no point having a test done if it doesn’t give you something to work on, change treatment in some way. Nor is it worth having a test done that is rubbish – and there are a fair few about, I can tell you!

You can rely on me to fish the best ones out for us and to let you know on these pages which to go for. Sometimes they’re not perfect because perfect doesn’t exist as I would want it yet!

Test Summary

Each page has a Summary on it to show you the best options. The rest of the page then explains why those are the best – in my opinion, and gives you other options. I’ve created some easy buttons which will take you to each lab where you can order.

Here’s the Adrenal Test Page beginning for example:

Testing Summary

My general advice is to do a Genova Comprehensive Adrenal Test with CAR and SIgA (G), which is great for most people. If your results don’t seem to fit how you feel (ie. you feel fatigued yet your cortisol looks high rather than low), follow up using the DUTCH Adrenal Advanced (RG) or preferably – and better value for the sheer amount of info you get – the DUTCH Complete Plus hormone test (RG). If you want more info right off the bat do the DUTCH Complete Plus.

You can see the rest of the Adrenal Tests page here.

You’ll notice that after each test I mention, I put the code of which lab you can get it from. In this case (G) for Genova and (RG) for Regenerus. You simply click the relevant button, use the search facility on the lab site – I’ve made sure I’ve used the same name as they use – and then order your test, using any code I’ve given you in the buttons. I’ve had a few of you order using this new process for me and all is working hunky-dory so far. The people I have told about it say it is easy-peasy and they like that it will save me daft admin time so I can get more people well. I was chuffed that they understood it!

Anyway, do you get the gist?

I will keep the shop open for ordering until I have completed all the new test reviews and written the new pages for you, but when I complete one, I shall pop a notice on the shop asking you to use the new service. Hopefully it will all work swimmingly, but if you have any questions or get stuck, just live chat or email me.

Make sense? Hope so. Let’s see how it goes! If it works, we’ll have the revised Gut Plan, Multiple Sensitivity Plan and Autoimmunity Factsheet I’ve been working on for months now completed much faster!

Thank you for your help x

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