My Fave Free Meditation Programme is Back – Get Signed Up!

If you have read my Healing Plan, you’ll know that one of the (many) techniques I used was meditation, but I tried several types. My favourite – taking just 15-20 minutes a day – was Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey’s Perfect Health programme, which they run for free periodically.

I scoffed and thought it was going to be a load of codswallop, but found it really helpful for calming my over-egged system down, even when I didn’t know it was over-egged. Something about someone telling me good things and that I was going to get better really resonated.

Each session starts with a ‘talky’ bit and then you do 10 minutes of mantra meditation, repeating a Sanskrit phrase which just means you can’t think about anything else whilst you’re doing it! Gradually, your subconscious starts to relax and you begin to believe in the ability of your body to heal itself. As soon as you enter this ‘healing state’ your body can more easily do just that: heal itself. Inflammation levels come down, hormones regulate and the immune system becomes more effective.

Anyway, the free programme begins again on 2nd February so get yourself signed up. I shall be doing it again with you. Here’s the blurb for you..

21-Day Meditation Experience


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  1. Wow! just tried the first meditation, feel really relaxed and conversely, energised! This should really help with my depression/anxiety! Thanks Micki! xx

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