Leaky Gut, Gluten and the Gallbladder

Fascinating article here for you today from Chris Kresser on the link between gluten, leaky gut and the effect that has on the biliary system. I didn’t know that liver and bile duct cell barriers are also controlled by tight junctions and are therefore subject to leakiness! Another body barrier for us to consider.

I do come across a lot of people who need fat digestion and bile flow support so maybe I now need to think ‘gluten related disorder’ for those people too? I have found that a trulyglutenfree diet helps with gallbladder pain – and this now gives me a good explanation of why.

Do have a read. Quite technical but very useful if this fits you.

The Little-Known Connection between Leaky Gut, Gluten Intolerance, and Gallbladder Problems

For more on Gallbladder, do see the factsheet here: Gallbladder Pain

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