Purehealth Clinic Site Redirected to Here!


Just to let you know that when you type in Purehealth Clinic or follow an old link, you will now arrive at this sparkly new site!

I have been updating and building this new one for the last 3-4 months as the old one was looking pretty shabby – well, it was over 10 years old! I had to move it to a new bigger place to house the tons of info on here for you!

Just a few more Health A-Z factsheets to transfer, which takes time, but I thought you’d like all the updated rather than older stuff as soon as poss.

I apologise that some of the links in older blog posts won’t work now, but there is a really good search function on this blog page and in the footer for the whole site, so hopefully you’ll find what you need.

I hope you like it and it helps you on your health ‘journeys’ wherever you are with them.

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