Use Cloth Sanitary Pads – and Help Young Girls in Kenya

Earthwise Pads Medium - Buy 3 Give 1Some of you may recall my missive on using environmentally-friendly, cheaper and, let’s face it, surprisingly quite addictive cloth sanitary pads quite a few years ago, mainly because I found the normal fare contains corn and set my migraines off.

Corn in Sanitary Products Causes #Gluten #Migraine

I was pleased to read in a major magazine the other day that they are starting to become a ‘cult’ thing in environmentally-aware celeb circles. I should think so too! The price of the normal stuff women have to buy month in, month out makes me really mad – and don’t even get me started on the fact that they are VATable! We fling them away each month and this makes brilliant marketing sense for the manufacturers.

Love Birds Blue 15" 17"   OK, I admit it was all a bit eurgh when I first read about them but, as you’ll see from my post, I got quite addicted to buying pretty ones. That post was written in June 2013 and they are mostly still going strong! I ended up rotating between some really soft Little Gumnut ones, Charlie Banana and Earthwise ones.

Anyway, I remembered this today when I saw a post from Earthwise Girls, which I mention as a supplier in the original post. They are encouraging people to buy their 3 + 1 pack of pads – you get 3 packs and they send the 4th one to a young girl in Africa whose family can’t afford to buy them. This helps keep the girls in school. A great excuse to give them a go. Do read my original post for lots of tips – nice and graphic for you 😉


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