Hypnotherapy and the Alien on My Face!

That’s a great title isn’t it?! I know how you like my weirdy healing stories sometimes so thought you might like this one.

Recently, if you recall, I have been having TMJ (jaw hinge) pain. Terrible, terrible, terrible. It took 2.5 months for me to realise it was caused by stress causing leaky gut and making me more reactive for a while. Then, the leaky gut was compounded by using tons of ibuprofen out of sheer desperation. You can read more on all this here:

Progress Since Finishing the Healing Plan

Anyway, after a few days of cutting out my most recently re-introduced foods, the jaw pain went. RELIEF. However, it continued to creak and lock at regular intervals; almost as if it had become my new stress/reaction indicator rather than the migraine.

This intrigued me and Julie. Why my jaw all of a sudden?

I had a session with Julie to focus in on what was ‘underneath’ the jaw area, if you like; to see if we could determine why the jaw had been ‘chosen’ as a new pain site. It was fascinating. Essentially, under hypnosis we asked to see underneath the pain area and I suddenly saw a great big ‘alien’ thing attached right over the area. It was horrible. A black, bubbling live thing with roots or ‘tentacles’ going deep into my body down my spinal cord, into my head, across my chest, into my gut etc. It was very unpleasant.

We tried several different ways to prise it or encourage it off; it was very resistant and clearly not wanting to go! Eventually, I sucked it through into my mouth and spat it out into a bucket of pink light to neutralise it.

Ugh. What?!!!

After the session when Julie normally goes over with you what happened to reinforce the messages, she explained she felt it was an old site of trauma or fear from somewhere and had been ready to come up and be noticed, hence the pain. I have no idea where it came from, but it was definitely there. At least I now understood why I had suddenly developed a new symptom. Makes you feel less of a victim of it all, actually.

For days afterwards, I could feel precisely where the main mass had been as a big hole in the side of my head – and I could feel where all the tentacles/roots had been as if they had been wrenched out and left wounds that needed to heal. I bathed them in pink light to heal each time I did a meditation and they have now gone.

More importantly, the jaw pain has not been back since the session. 

How cool is that?! Told you you’d like it. I hope that’s it but these things do often come in layers so we are keeping eagle-eyed!

Moral of the story is: do NOT discount working with the subconscious or hypnotherapy specifically in your healing journey. It is much more powerful than you think!

Julie is waiting to help you – why do you think I put her on the team?! Oh, and I did this by Skype so location is not an issue: it works 🙂

Good luck – see if you can let go of one of your main symptoms. I hope so.

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