New Non-toxic Luxury Skincare & Make-up Range

Annemarie Börlind ZZ Sensitiv Pflege Serie mit BlumenThis is one of my favourite ranges of all time – so much so we sold it in the dispensary and used it in the natural facials in the clinic. As part of my mission to encourage non-toxic toiletries use as always, I have added the Borlind range to the shop for you in the new non-toxic toiletries section here. Non-toxic, luxury, ecological and ethical skincare for men and women – ooh, lovely 🙂

Note: this range is not TGF – or some products might be, but I haven’t checked yet! Besides, you got your own TrulyGlutenFree grain and dairy free non-toxic range a week ago – see here! By all accounts, you are loving that so far, so I am pleased with myself and feeling right smug.

Here’s some Borlind blurb to start you off…

If I can’t eat it, I won’t put it on my face,”
Annemarie Lindner, the founder of Börlind GmbH

Go straight to my Purehealth Borlind shop here. (tip: if the search gets stuck, just click on Products again top right and it seems to clear!!)

This is simply the best luxury range of non-toxic toiletries I have come across and, in fact, the best selling non-toxic range across Europe. After an awful lot of researching and trialling, we used it in the clinic for the natural facials and sold a lot of it to repeat customers in the dispensary – it is really good and more than a match for any of the more toxic ranges out there. It’s mainly organic, fairly-traded, ethically-sourced, ecologically-made, most products are vegan, all are made using natural water from their Black Forest springs, no PEGs, paraffins, silicones and the like, not animal-tested, fair corporate culture policy! You can read more on their ethical stance below.

It is backed by science, independently tested and has won more than 60 awards and accolades. Our best-sellers by far were the ZZ Sensitive, Regeneration and Men’s skincare ranges, the make-up, especially the lippies, liners, foundations and mascara – and the absolutely gorgeous Orange Blossom Energiser, a sort of skin revitaliser which smells divine.

Borlind have very kindly set me up a shop as none of my normal suppliers stock it – exclusive huh?! So, you just Go to my UK shop here and order whatever you need. Free UK postage over £50 or a mere £3.76 under £50 and they ship internationally. We have added trial samples of several products for you so you can try them.

Go and have a look and enjoy.  Let me know what you think!

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