TrulyGlutenFree Site Redirect

Just to let you know that when you type in, you will now go to a page on the new site I am building here:

On that and the other pages in that section, I have vastly simplified the TGF information now, bringing it right up to date for new people only just finding out about non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) and the like. I can’t believe it but I first wrote the pages for the old TGF site in 2008!! Some old links might be a bit wobbly, but all 433 TGF specific blog posts are also on this new site too, see here: TGF category.

Anyway, I hope it still makes sense and has enough to start people off if they need the TGF journey.

Eventually, the site will become the main Purehealth Clinic site – I am gradually updating and moving the A-Z over and will swap when I’ve done that – in about a year, it feels; that A-Z is HUGE! It just all needed a bit of a facelift and bringing together into one home.

OK, hope that makes sense. Similar info – just TrulyGlutenFree has a new home so I don’t have to manage a whole separate TGF site now – more time for ‘proper’ work 🙂


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