New TrulyGlutenFree Toiletries Range!

Yes, I did say ‘range’ there. It is very unusual to find truly TrulyGlutenFree (grain and dairy free) toiletries unless they are solid or liquid oils, let alone a whole range!

I have been working with Lyndsey, who makes Akamuti  (African for ‘a little bit of medicine’) for the last few months sussing out their face and body moisturisers, hand butters, hair care and bath products – and most of them are TGF. Yes, I fainted too.

I have been longing for a moisturiser that isn’t just oil. Much as I love argan, avocado, evening primrose and olive oils, you understand, I do long to actually dip my fingers in a pot of something unctuous and smooth it on my fizzog, don’t you?

I have been using their Frankincense distilled water as a toner, followed by the Evening Primrose Day Cream, which is heavenly – and definitely unctuous! A little Honey & Chamomile Lip Balm and I’m good to go! I’ve not tried their Sweet Orange Cleanser yet or Facial Scrub.

I first came across them because I was looking for face masks for the facials I haven’t got started again yet! Then I needed a shampoo and came across their Aritha shampoo powder which works a real treat!  And I also had a go at their Liquid Black Soap, which shocks the guests with its colour in the guest loo, but is totally corn free – very difficult to find in a liquid soap .

They do a lovely foot balm and some beautiful soaps – based only on olive and coconut oils with saponified shea butter. Very rich and nourishing.

Anyway, happily, we worked out that most of the range is indeed suitable for us corn and grain hypersensitives and there is no risk of cross-contamination either, so I have listed them in the new Pure Beauty section of the shop here. Do have a read of the Overview there, where I have pointed out which – few – you need to be careful of.

How fab – nice toiletries for a change! Oh, and we are also working on TGF make-up. There have been lippies and emails flying everywhere, quite literally as I now have trial ones from Australia, Canada and new Zealand as well as the UK!

If you need gorgeous non TGF non-toxic toiletries, don’t despair. I have some listed here for you and will announce a really beautiful luxury non-toxic range for you shortly.

So, go and check out Akamuti and get yourselves some treats. As it happens, they currently have a Summer sale on 🙂

Enjoy x


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    1. They are traditional gluten free I believe cintybee, so not trulyglutenfree (ie. grain and dairy free) which is what this website it all about but thanks for sharing anyway 🙂

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