High Blood Pressure – high salt or a lack of the other minerals?

Yet again something I have said for quite some years- I believe it is not excess salt or sodium that raises blood pressure, but more the lack of the co-factor minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium that causes the issue.

Personally, I have never bought into the high salt thing and use good quality seasalt in my food quite liberally. In the cookery demonstrations I used to do, people were always shocked when I added salt – and olive oil, but that’s a different story! The salt and high blood pressure link is so entrenched, much like the cholesterol and heart disease one is and the latter is changing, albeit very slowly.

Have a read of this piece here anyway and make sure your other minerals are looked after. It is NOT just a question of cutting down salt; it is making sure you have the right balance of electrolytes for your cardiovascular system to work well.

Eating ‘too much’ salt doesn’t raise blood pressure – it lowers it.

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