Butyrate for Leaky Gut and Brain Health

Lots of changes going on with supplements currently, which is making life a little challenging! Some of you may have noticed that ARG ButyrEn, which I recommend all the time for leaky gut, has been out of stock at Natural Dispensary for ages.

However, Christine and I have been tracking down alternative supplies for you. You can still get the exact same product as the retail brand, Nutricology, rather than the professional brand Allergy Research and you will find that at YHB:  (please use Micki Rose when ordering as usual EVERY time you order with YHB, thanks). And you can still get the ARG brand at Amrita: https://www.amritanutrition.co.uk/arg-003,

Hopefully, that one will stay available; we’ll keep our eye on it and do let us know if it disappears!

Meantime, here is a little more about the importance of butyrate. On the DD CSAP gut test, I see a low butyrate score in a lot of your results. Butyrate is the main food for the intestinal cells so it is crucial to have enough if you want to prevent or repair a leaky gut. It is pretty simple to correct using products like the one above and by consuming the right foods.

It may be low because most people I deal with are dairy free and much of our dietary butyric acid comes from dairy. But it also comes from fermentable fibres – prebiotics, if you like. It has an impact on the inflammation level in our bodies so low levels can signify higher than normal inflammation, especially in the gut and neurological system.

I like Dr Axe’s pictorial summaries and he’s done one on butyric acid so here it is for you, and do read his summary of butyrate and its uses and effects too – weight loss, IBS, digestive disorders etc:

What you need to know about butyric acid - Dr. Axe

On a more scientific note, here is an illustration for you of the brain and neurological effects of butyrate too, which I have been looking at a bit recently. You can read a study summary about it below:

The proposed mechanisms for the neuroprotective effects of butyrate and the…


Butyrate, neuroepigenetics and the gut microbiome: Can a high fiber diet improve brain health?

In other words: get the right fibres into your diet and supplement/boost with the right foods if yours is low on testing!

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  1. Hi, is ARG ButyrEn casein and lactose free and suitable if you are on AIP for Hashimotos?

    1. ARG have just in fact discontinued ButyrEn in the UK and many of the calcium/magnesium butyrates are going the same way as there is some change in the law somewhere – goodness knows why! Check the free TGF master supplements list here, Nat, to see safe grain and dairy free supplements, but do double check for AIP-compliance. https://purehealthshop.ecwid.com/TGF-Supplements-Master-List-p49365828. Also so join the TrulyGlutenFree Facebook group and look in Files where we have an ongoing update as we can get to it! https://www.facebook.com/groups/Trulyglutenfree/ Hope that helps.

      1. Thank you so much Micki! Just downloading your guide now. Much appreciated!

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