Free Mini Self-Healing Masterclass

Mini Masterclass in Mind Control

Our Julie‘ did a free live self-healing masterclass series on the TGF Facebook group this week. She is very brave! If you missed them live or aren’t on Facebook, I don’t want you to miss out as they were really good. Ok, I know I’m biased because she helped me personally but they are still good, so there 😉

I thought I’d share the Facebook comment I wrote after watching Day 1 for you as it says pretty much what I want to say again after the whole series: think of this as part of your self-healing prescription and brain retraining work and go listen to it!

Just catching up with these, Julie, but if this one is anything to go by, this series is a MUST WATCH folks.

Think about these classes as part of your brain training – hearing positive thoughts that you can get well and listening to techniques that can help you will ultimately help to start turning your brain around to a new way of thinking, so do listen.

On specifics in this one [Day 1], there is some excellent advice about reactivity – to food or chemicals – and how the brain is involved in that, about starting to question whether you will always react or is that a conditioned response now, a learned brain pattern, and learning to be friends with your body.

If it helps to illustrate the importance of this kind of information, I’ll share as per! When I first started – long before I met Julie – I was asked to stroke my legs once a day. I thought they were potty but actually I couldn’t do it!! That shocked me and it was used as an illustration of how much I hated my body for doing what it was doing to me – I hated it that much, I loathed it! It took me a long time to realise that I wasn’t being kind to myself and that the physical reactions had grown from ‘just being grain and dairy sensitive’ to a kind of self sabotage – totally unconsciously. The more I kept telling myself I was reacting to food, of course the more I reacted to food.

Also, just before I started to get foods back in, Julie kept asking me now I had calmed the amygdala and system down, why I thought I would still be so reactive? Of course, I scoffed and poo-poo’d greatly but the question did go in and I thought well, let’s see. I didn’t react. That taught me! It might be that you do still react to something – that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting better – just continue on the amygdala calming route and you WILL get there. Who knows how much time that will take (2 years for me) but at least you are on the right path and eventually you will more than surprise yourself!

Oh lol, as usual I have written a bloomin essay! I think I shall post these on the blog and comment on them so everyone can see.

Well done Julie – keep it up and if you’ve not listened, pls do so as part of your amygdala work – that’s a prescription 🙂 x

OK, so you can see all five replays on the Facebook group or on Julie’s website.

Do go and listen to them as part of your healing ‘journey’; I promise it will help. If you’re inspired by it or feel a session or two with Julie might be a good idea, remember she is part of our Purehealth team and you can book a free exploratory chat with her here.

Enjoy, and thanks for doing that for us, Julie.

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