Parasites Trigger Histamine Reactions

A good reminder for us today from Yasmina not to forget parasites as a cause of an over-enthusiastic allergy or immune response:


“Pretty much any invader can cause this mast cell activation…

There are many causes of a high overall IgE level, but parasite infection is definitely one of them.

Good point.

In fact, just recently, I seem to be finding more parasites and ‘invaders’ of all types on your gut and virus screens. Parasites are tricky little beggars to find; they hide and we have to do three day stool samples just to have a shot at seeing them in the gut.

They do crop up though, especially helicobacter pylori, which people think of mainly as the ‘ulcer’ and acid reflux baddie, but I am finding it quite a bit, even in people with no gastric symptoms. I wonder if this may be more prevalent than we think and not helping the mast cell/allergy situation in some people? Maybe getting rid of those ‘invaders’ might help stop triggering the over-active immune response? Very likely.

I do have quite a few colleagues who swear that any health issues come down to infections of all types and certainly we are finding links between certain parasites, bacteria and viruses in specific autoimmune diseases more and more. Just this morning, I found a high LPS marker (signifying a probable endotoxin from a bacterial infection) as the likely cause of a leaky gut – on a Cyrex 2 test if you’re interested. Fascinating stuff.

Anyway, a good reminder as I say. However, one word of caution with treatment. Don’t just start taking a killing herb or whatever preferably without giving your liver some preparation otherwise often people can feel really quite poorly killing off stuff they didn’t have a clue was even there! Not always, but pretty commonly.

Often, when we see results on a test that show an ‘invader’ of some type, the lab suggests something that has killed it in vitro. We then say do the Candida Plan stage 1 for preparation, then adapt stage 2 using some of the suggested treatments in the ‘killing’ stage. Works a treat and is managed rather than willy-nilly, if you see what I mean.

Anyway, see gut tests inc H pylori here, viruses and -again seemingly becoming ubiquitous in chronic illness: Lyme disease tests here.


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