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For those of you itching (literally some of you, sorry) to do the Cyrex gluten, cross-reactive foods and extensive food panel, I have some good news: it’s on offer! I got this message today for practitioners:

Cyrex is celebrating the anniversary of the Array 10™ Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen™ by offering special promotional pricing on the Array 10C Comprehensive Food Immune Reactivity Panel for a limited time!

Great! So, I’ve calculated that until end of March I can reduce the Cyrex 10c combo of Cyrex arrays 3, 4 and 10 done together to £795 instead of £895. Yes, not cheap, I’m afraid, but it is some of the best sensitivity testing around. In fact, Cyrex 10 itself is the best food panel I have seen in a very long time of doing this. Get it cheaper whilst you can if you’re already thinking of doing it.

You can watch a video about the Cyrex tests and Array 10 specifically here:


I’ve already done three results for this this week. One showed a gliadin antibody missed by mainstream tests. The second showed up transglutaminase 6, the so-called NCGS/general autoimmune antibody, again missed because it’s not normally looked for by mainstream tests.   The third showed a reaction to all cross-reactive grains, plus several other food issues to gums, lectins and nuts. This helps them to work out their healing diet. Fascinating stuff.

If you have no idea what I am wittering on about, you can read all about the tests here.

Cyrex Gluten and Food Tests

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  1. Just wondering about the discount. Is it available if one was to purchase the array 10 alone? I’ve already done 3 & 4. Would reconsider 10 if it was cheaper than full price….

    1. Ah sadly, Claire I have tried this to no avail. The cost-saving for the ab is only done when they can process all 3 tests together at the same time so they have to be ordered as one; you can’t do one later, sorry.

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