Teas Contain (Unlabelled) Corn

Quite a few of us have been discussing teas and reactions to various ones recently on the TGF Facebook Group. Then, D writes in about her correspondence with Clipper Teas and proves we can’t always see why we react as the hidden grains are not labelled. I trust my body always rather than a label! Here’s what D said:

I just wanted to let you know that Clipper organic tea contains maltodextrin without having it in the label. I mailed them to ask about their ‘flavouring’, to see if it was a sweetener and inadvertently the person who replied said they are sprayed with maltodextrin and ‘as it’s not a common allergen they are not required to list it’! So ridiculous. I said allergen or not, if it’s an ingredient  it should be listed as such.

This is a good illustration of what needs labelling or not. Most maltodextrin nowadays is derived from corn. Corn, of course, is not yet a ‘label by law’ allergen so Clipper don’t have to label it as an allergen per se. But, if an ingredient is used below a certain percentage, I believe, then neither does a company have to label it either. They are doing nothing wrong here but the law stinks for those of us who really need to know what’s being used in the processing of our food. This is why I just don’t use anything processed at all these days – my AIP Purity diet as I explain in the Gluten Plan. If another human hand has touched it, I am really careful!

Thanks D for letting us know.

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  1. Two good companies Ive found are Suki teas and Kent & Sussex Tea company, I buy a lot of loose leaf teas and K&S do decaf too using the better methods to decaf, they even do decaf coffee too (havent tried it yet but its in the fridge ready!) The only one I found a good possibility for teabags was Pukka. Enjoy a safe cuppa!

  2. WOW really? I tend to only just pure herbal teas with no flavouring but you kind of would think your tea was safe wouldn’t you? Though after finding out what’s in filter coffee nothing surprises me. I agree with Karen above – Pukka teas are delicious. Hot water anyone?

  3. Love hot water!! Often put a couple of slices of fresh ginger in it for morning tea! Then pop the ginger in water in an egg cup to reuse! I dont use filter coffee but would be interested to hear your story about it Ruth…

  4. I’m going to try that, Karen. I tried frozen cucumber slices in cold water in Summer and that was unusual but quite nice! Sounds weird but apparently quite the thing in some countries!

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