Skin Barrier Link To Gut Food Sensitivity

Haven’t I always said it: if one barrier is down, others will be and you have to consider all body barriers in cases of food sensitivity? Here we have a research study showing a link between allergens going through a compromised skin barrier going on to cause immune cell reactions in the gut which trigger food allergy reactions. You can read the abstract here:

Exposure to food allergens through inflamed skin promotes intestinal food allergy through the thymic stromal lymphopoietin-basophil axis.

Told ya so. Just sayin’

Source: enews Sep 14

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  1. Brilliant! This research is so necessary. Let’s hope it slowly filters through to doctors. What can we do to stop all our barriers getting compromised? Sometimes it just happens despite our best efforts with the right supplements and diet and exercise and enough sleep etc. etc. etc.

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