Autism Month: The Nutrition Connection

I noticed it is Autism Month in the US and we now have quite a few readers across the pond so I thought it an opportune time to share a couple of resources on the subject for you, wherever you are.

The connection between autism and nutritional imbalances is pretty well-established nowadays, even though it was anathema when I first remember talking about it just 20 years ago. I saw these two flyers, albeit from a nutritional testing company but complete with references, the other day and thought they would at least serve as useful aide-memoires at where to start looking.

The Autism Wheel

Nutritional Considerations of ADHD and Autism

The test is here if you need it. Quite pricey, I have to say, but cutting edge. I listed it because it is the only one I have seen that measures intracellular vitamins and elements like COQ10 rather than hair or serum and that includes fructose and carbohydrate sensitivity.


food for the brain

You might also want to have a look at Food for the Brain’s excellent resources here.


CM_logoFinally, our friends at have an excellent list of research reports and resources you can tap into, plus several articles on the subject. Here is the Autism Management page, for example.

I hope those resources help. There are more on the Autism page in the Clinic A-Z too.

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  1. I have a friend in the USA who has a young autistic son. She breast fed him for a long time, until he was at least 3, possibly 4. She had the devil’s own job to wean him. And now, despite all sorts of specialist help, all he will eat, literally all, is yoghurt and mango. That’s it. He will not eat anything else. She’s amazed he’s growing. Evidently he has issues with texture and he can’t chew. It’s quite bizarre. So he’s bound to be deficient in most things. It’s such a shame.

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