SCD Grain Free, Leaky Gut Bargains

Just noticed there is a fab flash sale package from SCD Lifestyle  available at a heavily discounted 84% for the next couple of days so thought I would point you to it.

If you check on the TGF Resources page, you will see there that I really rate two treatment approaches/organisations in this grain free field and one of them is SCD Lifestyle. Here’s some of the info I wrote about them:

SCD Lifestyle

SCD Lifestyle is a website run by Steve and Jordan, two previous sufferers of digestive illness. They advocate a specific carbohydrate diet approach on the site for all manner of digestive diseases including grain sensitivity, leaky gut, inflammation and auto-immunity so they cross over with TGF quite well. The TGF Diet is partly based on SCD principles and some people’s health problems are very much related to carbohydrate intolerance and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

They believe, as we do here on TGF, that a gliadin-free diet just isn’t enough for some people.  You can read more of their views on this subject here:

The Gluten Free Lie

The Toxic Truth About Gluten

In essence, their approach is one of healing the gut, which is something we all want. The reason I particularly like it is that it gives you a staged food plan to help you eliminate and then reintroduce foods in a particular order that they have found works for most people with leaky gut and digestive issues. The diet is grain and dairy free and focuses on lowering inflammation.

Note it does allow things we might be a bit stricter on such as grain fed meat, but otherwise it fits well with our TGF principles.

Anyway, they are running a Black Friday sale (I have no idea what that is if anyone in the US wants to elucidate!) and it is packed with, I think, really useful stuff, not least the Tough Case meal plans, all the Q&A time and two packages on digestive health and leaky gut. Here’s the info and you can go here to read more and purchase if you think it might help you:

Here’s what you’ll get in this early Black Friday Package:

1 Ticket to a Private 3-hour LIVE Troubleshooting Call With Us ($169 value)


This will be a LIVE call just for you.  No one else will be invited except those that take advantage of this Black Friday special.  We’re going to spend 3-hours on the phone doing a presentation about how you use all these troubleshooting products together to get the fastest results.  We’ll even take Q&A until we drop.  No matter what, your questions WILL get answered.  The most important thing we can do for you this holiday season is identify the one tweak, test or thing that is holding you back.

This call alone might be the one thing that completely changes your symptoms (it’s easily worth the price of the whole package)… and yes it will be recorded if you can’t attend live.  The official date and time of the call will be announced after the holiday so we can make sure it’s a good time for most people to attend.


BONUS 1) Grain-Free, Starch-Free SCD meal plans ($87 value)


These 24-week meal plans are built for people to get digestive relief as fast as possible and then grow with you as your diet expands. There’s a “tough case” plan that is Nut-Free, Egg-Free, Legume-Free, & Dairy-Free. But there is also a full SCD plan. These are here to help you know exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to get some relief… the first step in creating your custom diet.


BONUS 2) Digestive Troubleshooting Package ($147 value)


Over 9 hours of video, audio, and transcripts for those sick and tired of banging their head against the wall trying to feel better. Learn how to tune into the subtle clues your body is already giving to know exactly what to eat and what to AVOID (Hint: there’s 10 common patterns we’ve identified). You’ll also discover the top 6 supplements almost everyone should consider to heal faster. This content will help you test and tweak your way to the custom diet that works.


BONUS 3) Essential Supplements for Inflammation and Leaky Gut ($97 value)


We’ll show you what supplements matter for specific conditions and how to use them. These 4 in-depth videos and 1-hour Q&A session include the latest strategies we’re using with our 1-on-1 private clients. Think of these like the advanced supplements that build upon the foundational supplements from the Troubleshooting course. Not everyone needs them, but if you do you’ll see dramatic changes.

BONUS 4) Avoiding Holiday Diet Doom ($97 value)


The last thing we want is for you is to start making some improvements with the tools you’ll get in this package, and then run SMACK into the brick wall of holiday diet doom! These 4 in-depth videos and 1-hour Q&A session cover the Psychology of Eating Healthy and Still Having Fun with Friends and Family during the holidays. Trust us, it’s a dangerous time. Get educated on the common traps and how to deal with them.

Anyway, just letting you know in case – at that saving, it might be worth a look! Good luck.

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