ARG MultiViMin Without NOT TGF Safe Currently

I said last week that the ARG Cassava Vitamin C is out of stock if you recall and gave you some corn free alternatives. It occurred to me then that the Vitamin C in the ARG MultiViMin will not be cassava either then. Aargh.

Remember there are two version so MultiViMin available. One with copper and iron which does NOT contain any Vitamin C so that should be Ok for you. And one without copper and iron which DOES contain Vitamin C so is likely to be a problem.

I wrote to ARG and they have confirmed the Vitamin C used in the without product is corn source currently:

…your assumption on the MVM W/O Cu & Fe is correct..The only lot of MVM w/o Cu& Fe with cassava source C is #0313076 . The first corn source lot released is lot # 0713158.

So, please check your lot number on the tub you have and stick to the with version if poss.

If you need an alternative, I haven’t tried it but some of you have and have been fine: Twinlabs Allergy Multi. I have asked ND to try to get some in for us so ask them and they will do it if they can. Also, I have a tub of Dr Osborne’s Ultra Nutrients multi here but I haven’t tried it yet. He assures me it is OK and it looks OK to me ingredient-wise on first glance. Anyone tried it yet?

Never simple this corn-free multi lark is it?! I will keep you updated.


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  1. I contacted ARG in the USA directly the last time that I ordered Multivimin without copper and iron. They confirmed to me that lot #0512063 (this was what Natural Dispensary had at the time). I have been using it and have not been ill. Maybe ND are out of this now.

    1. Yes, thanks Maureen, I think that was the last lot number I gave out a while ago. People will need to check the lot number when ordering with ND.

  2. Update: I contacted the Uk distributor to check the situation. They said:

    “Yes, unfortunately it is true that ARG has been unable to find a quality cassava source that meets their standards, so it has been discontinued for the indefinite future. Also, any ARG supplement that contained cassava, will now have corn-based vitamin C. The corn sourced vitamin C in their products is non-GMO. ”

    I replied: “Thanks for confirming that. It is a really big deal for us grain hyper-sensitives and corn allergics. ARG’s MultiViMin was the only multi we had found to be safe. The MultiViMin ‘with’ changed the folate source and now involves corn in the process and several people reacted so we had to swap to the MultiViMin ‘without’ which contained the cassava Vit C and now that has gone corny, which means we now have no safe multi. Cassava Vit C is not perfect as it uses corn in the process but most people didn’t react to it and so it was the best we had. Don’t blame ARG; I know they are trying to get the best source and have been truly helpful to me over the past few years, but life is hard enough if you know what I mean! Also, I didn’t see any announcement of a change until I happened to see it on ARG’s US website. If the situation is resolved at any point, can we pls have it announced; I have dozens of people following a strict grain free protocol and wd really like to get them back onto the MultiViMin asap? Thank you.”

    We live in hope. meantime, I am trying to source the TwinLabs Multi and Allergy C for you but google for now and you will find it.

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