Coeliac Disease and Psoriasis

As we can see from the Gluten Illnesses list, psoriasis is thought to be a gluten-related illness in some way – it’s in the top ten. In fact, a recent study found an increased prevalence of coeliac-related antibodies in psoriasis sufferers and the authors advised that:

Antigliadin IgA prominently increases in patients diagnosed with psoriasis. Patients with psoriasis should be investigated for latent CD and should be followed up.

I would second that as I have come across several chronic psoriasis cases now that refused to respond to the normal mainstream and alternative approaches and improved only when we went grain free. Worth a trial, certainly.

I note that this is yet another time I have written that people with a particular condition have been advised to check coeliac disease or gluten-related illness including NCGS and gluten sensitivity – migraine and headaches, IBS and now psoriasis. I am certain there will be many more.

You can read the abstract of the psoriasis study here:

Coeliac disease-associated antibodies in psoriasis.

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