Starch IV Drips Should Be Banned

Close up of IV drip in female hand  Well, there I was a few days ago writing a new ‘Medical Information’ sheet to have in my bag in case I ever get admitted into hospital. One of the main reasons for doing this is so that I am not given a dextrose drip. Then, lo and behold, up pops this study from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine:

IV fluids used by NHS responsible for unnecessary deaths

I know: Gulp. Spooky coincidence or what?

Anyway, click above to read the full article. I read the actual research report too and note that a colloid/starch IV fluid included those with any kind of starch, gelatin, glucose and dextrins.

The problem with them has mainly centred around renal failure BUT notice the admission here that there were more reactions generally with the starch IVs:

The safety of using colloids containing hydroxyethyl starch has been debated for years. They are widely used to treat shock following severe blood loss by increasing blood volume but recent large high quality studies have linked starch use to renal failure. The trials also found more adverse reactions with starch. Crystalloids work in the same way but do not contain starch.

Are those corn or grain-sensitives??

The authors are calling for non-starch saline-only drips, which are just as effective, to be used – and so am I! I don’t want to be given a starch drip that makes my oesophagus swell and no-one knows because I am unconscious! Morbid maybe, but potentially could happen, hence my new Medical Info sheet.


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  1. I have had a problem both times I’ve been put on a drip. Saline is OK but there is some other drip thing they they use that sends me into itchy scarlet hell. They just stand back and watch, sometimes discussing the fact that “That woman has gone all red…” but will never admit that it’s something they’ve put into me. I have a latex allergy too so am never quite sure what method doctors and nurses have used to give me an allergic reaction. Usually demanding to have all drips etc. removed works but not immediatly and what if I’m too far gone to do that or get a more severe reaction next time? I dread hospitals. And don’t get me started on the food. Lived on dry rice krispies, plain jacket potatoe and a few leaves of iceberg lettuce.

    1. Oh, how awful, Ruth. So I am not worrying unnecessarily then. Sounds like you had one of these colloid starch drips then and reacted as you would to any ingestion of your allergens.

      The food worries me a great deal too. I have made P and my sisters swear to bring me food and not allow them to feed me if I am ever incapacitated. What a flippin’ life :(.

      The other thing that occurred to me is that they will probably think: ‘Oh, we’ll just give her anti-histamines and steroids so she won’t get the reactions, right?’. WRONG. Last time they did that, it made me worse. Needless to say it is on my sheet what they can and cannot use! Whether they actually act on the info is a moot point, though, isn’t it? Probably think I am a right hypochondriac bossy boots. I hope I never have to find out!

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