Which Water Filter System Is Best?

Filtering water is a bit of a minefield nowadays, but buying a filter can significantly cut down your intake of toxic compounds. You could buy bottled water but that soon adds up: it’s often cheaper in the long run to get an under the sink solution.

If you are thinking of doing  that at any point, this new Water Filter Guide from the Environmental Working Group is a really helpful run-down of the pros and cons of each type.

Personally, I have an under the sink Reverse Osmosis with a double carbon filter system for cooking and drinking water, a chlorine whole house filter and a special shower head to minimise water use. Do I feel smug? Yep.

You can see the water filter one I have and recommend here, along with other lifestyle stuff I have found to be excellent over the years.

Great reporting from EWG as usual, do support them if you can.


2 Replies to “Which Water Filter System Is Best?”

  1. You say you have an under the sink Reverse Osmosis with a double carbon filter system for cooking and drinking water plus a chlorine whole house filter – but did you really get these from Prosep water filters? I found their website incomprehensible so emailed to ask if they did domestic whole house filters. They replied that the FH20B 1BWB filter would be suitable for us – but this is only a UV filter (and we already have a UV filter). No mention of filters that would removed chlorine or any other nasties. So I’m thinking of getting a filter from these people http://www.uk-water-filters.co.uk. At least with them you can see on the website what the systems claim to remove. And I’d want a whole house filter to remove a lot more than just chlorine!

    1. Gosh, Anthony, I bought mine from them many years ago so perhaps their offering has changed; I’ll have a look at it. I don’t get any commission from Prosep but I like to recommend them specifically because they were very helpful in the past with the cancer charity patients. Also, they are usually MUCH cheaper than other companies. They are not a retail website, more for trade which is why the website is not excellent I presume. Do let me know which filters you decide are the best from this company then and I will take a look.

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