New #Vitamin D Fingerprick Test

I do lots of Vitamin D testing for you so you can check this so-important vitamin. I am pleased to announce that we now have a fingerprick Vitamin D Status test available – no need to get your blood taken and much cheaper 🙂

It is just as effective and gives you the same total Vitamin D, D2 and D3 status as a normal blood serum test and costs just £39 instead of the usual £66. You can read more about it and see a sample report here.

One tip: if you are comparing previous results, it’s often said to be a good idea to continue to use the same type of test and lab so you can make a direct comparison if you need to. I have left the blood serum test on the shop for that reason. If in doubt, ask me.

I like being able to say ‘here’s an easier and cheaper way’ to do something!

Hope it helps you.

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  1. Re “I like being able to say ‘here’s an easier and cheaper way’ to do something!”
    So do I.
    CityAssays (Birmingham NHS path lab) offer a similar fingerprick 25(OH)D test for £25 or £20 if you buy a 10 pack and share with friends.
    The charts at this link help you work out how much extra Vitamin D3 per LB or KG you weigh is required to bring your 25(OH)D level up to 125nmol/l or 50ng/ml the NATURAL level for human DNA.
    Traditionally living populations in East Africa have a mean serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration of 115 nmol/l.

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