Babies With Colic? Try Changing Their Nappy Differently!

I thought this was rather interesting – using a rolling technique rather than lifting babies’ legs when changing them is now being recommended by some chiropractors, especially if the baby is colicky or has digestive problems. There is a suggestion that raising the babies’ legs puts the back out of alignment just where the intestinal point is in the spine.

Watch a video here.

Worth a go for any screaming baby I would say.

As a nutritionist, I would also say eliminate the dairy in your diet – it goes through your breastmilk into them, and is in formula, of course. That is the single biggest cause I have found.

There is also a fab homeopathic remedy called Viburcol which can work wonders. You can get that from ND as usual but you will need to ask for it as it won’t be on the site probably.

Hope that helps bring relief – and peace – to both you and baby!


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