Vote For Non Coeliac #Gluten Sensitivity

C let me know that BMJ have a poll running on whether you believe NCGS exists or not following their piece on it last week. Go here and vote! (About half way down on the left of the home page). We couldn’t believe about a third of voters have said ‘No’!

I did construct a reply to the BMJ piece actually but then didn’t place it in the end: I just haven’t got the time or inclination yet to deal with the inevitable backlash! I will, though, in time, when I have my research down nice and solid..

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  1. we need to gather a list of the no responders – to make sure they arent our doctors! A curse upon them to suffer from it maybe?! Gill

  2. Did you see the result?
    “Do you believe that non-coeliac gluten sensitivity exists?
    Yes: 66.5% (626)
    No: 33.5% (315)
    Total votes cast 941”

    1. Stayed about the same all the way through then, Becky. I would like to see their reasoning for it NOT existing. I expect it is just because it does not fit testing criteria. Just because they haven’t invented the tests yet, doesn’t mean an illness doesn’t exist…

    2. Also, I see there have been some responses from other medics. All positive so far. Check them out here and here. Although I can’t agree with the one who says NCGS is a ‘well-recognised’ illness when I’ve never yet met an NHS professional who had even heard of it!

      1. Not necessarily a bad thing (although it grates us!) – the more health professionals who talk about this knowledge being a given, the better – might make others think “oooh shit, better get upto speed with that then…!” Well, you never know (I’m told I am annoyingly optimistic sometimes lol!) hehee. Good to read some positive responses from other medics 🙂 …petit à petit, as they say over here!

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