Is Honey Better Than Sugar?

I get asked this a lot. My usual response is that it is still sugar, but it is a natural food with extra nutrients and benefits IF you are choosing good quality honey rather than cheap over-processed stuff which is usually a mix of honeys from different countries. Honey contains pre- and pro-biotics, enzymes and is also easier to digest for some people, especially those with carbohydrate and gut issues eg. following the specific carbohydrate diet.

Anyway, I saw this excellent article about this very question today so thought I would share it with you.

Why You Should Ditch Sugar In Favour of Honey

I tend to buy the honey in a comb for best and try to get local runny honey for baking (I never use sugar, except perhaps coconut palm sugar which has a caramel sort of flavour which is delish). I do succumb to Sainsbury’s own runny honey for cheapness sometimes, though. Perhaps now I have read this reminder, I will try to get better live stuff.

Can anyone recommend any good honeys they use…?

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