Chronic #Constipation: Could It Be Obstructive Defecation Syndrome?

I know a few of you suffer with chronic constipation despite yours and my best efforts to work out what the heck is going wrong. The first question I always ask is whether anything mechanical is wrong with the actual ‘tubing’ if you see what I mean? That might be a short bowel, prolapse, nerve signalling problem or whatever. If none of those are found in tests with your consultant, that’s when we start looking at functional nutrition causes like allergy, candida, gluten sensitivity, low stomach acid etc etc etc.

One patient, N, has been round and round the houses trying to solve this problem and wrote today to update me. I thought I would share it with you in case it sparks something you can ask your GP/consultant about. I checked my original notes with N’s case and wrote that there was a:

history of severe constipation and recently progressive until hardly going. Investigations with oncology, GENT, uro-gynae have found nothing to speak of

This just goes to show that you need to be persistent as something was eventually found in N’s case…

To cut a long story very short, it has recently been found out that not only do I have faecal obstruction (a bit more than constipation!), but that I also have a obstructed defecation – a Rectocele in my case and possibly, but not sure yet rectal intussuseption.  Both pretty common conditions especially for women. 

I am now at hospital number three for all of this and colorectal surgeon number four!  I may also be seeking another gynaecologist at this rate too as Rectocele evaluation falls within the perameters of both gastroenterology and gynaecology.

Hopefully, I will be debunged soon.  Undoubtedly, surgery is on the cards.

You might like to add obstructed defecation on your constipation page, as it is common in females as a functional bowel disorder.  Unfortunately in my case, it has all gone on for long unidentified that it has caused the impaction (about 50% of my large bowel).  After everything I have endured, I would urge any woman with unexplained protracted constipation to have it evaluated via a Proctogram Study.  I went to The Oxford Pelvic Floor centre as the NHS wait is very long.

Useful advice, thanks N, and I will indeed add a link to this post on the Constipation webpage. It’s fab when people take the time to feedback so we can all learn and benefit from the knowledge. Hope it helps someone else and I wish N loads of luck from us.

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  1. I sheepishly ate organic sheep cheese thinking it was ok, since it was not from a cow! Wrong! I found out sheep has even more casein, then from a cow? Hmm- casein I am allergic to of course- bad girl. I got sciatica pain from that- must have activated a nerve from just a only little constipation…..luckily relieved from simple enema. I read on line how many gluten-casein sensitives can get sciatica pain from gluten & casein slowing up the bowels.
    Another reason not to eat cheese no matter what animall!!

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