Helminthic Therapy for Severe #Food Intolerance: A Case Study

 I have talked about helminthic (worm) therapy before on this blog and in the Barrier Breakdown Checklist that comes as part of your Barrier Plan. For those of us who suffer from severe sensitivity, one of the possible ways of calming the hyper-active immune system down is to give it something to really worry about! We have lost many of the natural organisms we evolved with and much research is currently being done on this being the reason for the epidemic of allergies and immune diseases we face.

A couple of you have such severe diet and protocol restrictions, I have recommended a good look at helminthic therapy (HT for short) in a bid to calm the sensitivity down enough for you to be able to get the nourishment you need to start healing on the Barrier Plan.

Two of you (that I know of, at least) have gone ahead. I am seriously considering it myself if I need to at some point (if I can afford it, it is not cheap), but, happily, so far, my restrictions seem to have stopped developing (please!) and I feel the Barrier Plan in time should be enough for me. There is no reason why you can’t do the HT and the Barrier Plan as a combination with a few tweaks.

I am intrigued, though, and thought you might be too. So, I have asked the two people to do a guest post occasionally so we can follow their progress. M has given me this first one and thank you to her.

Why did I consider helminthic therapy?

Having suffered severe food poisoning while on holiday in the states 5 years ago, I developed severe gastrointestinal distress (chronic constipation which alternated with severe diarrhoea, stomach pains, acid reflux, chronic gastritis), migraines and felt ill after everything I ate. Over the years I have tried almost everything to relieve my symptoms yet nothing seems to have worked 100%. Last year I started to react strongly to foods high in histamine and decided to get tested for histamine intolerance- I tested positive. Having done some research regarding histamine intolerance I found out that generally it tends to occur secondary to other intolerances. I then got tested for gluten sensitivity and found that I was positive for both the celiac gene and the gluten sensitivity genes. After eliminating gluten and high histamine foods from my diet improved my symptoms but I still react to quite a few foods and must stick to a really strict diet or I feel the effects. I also tend to have chronic migraines/headaches which I believe are caused by unidentified food intolerances but because I’m so limited with what I can tolerate I find it impossible to remove these foods from my diet.

It was after reading an article on “Total Food Intolerance” on the Foodsmatter website and came across a story by John Scott on how he used Helminths to put his Crohn’s into remission and an added benefit was that they reversed his intolerance to many of his food intolerances. I started my own research and found that his story was not unique – there are many studies whereby hookworm are being used to treat many conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, hayfever, allergies, crohn’s disease, colitis and food intolerance including celiac disease. Conventional medicine couldn’t help me so I decided that I have to help myself. I’m hoping that the hookworm will tame my over-active immune system down so that it stops reacting to harmless stimuli such as food.

What did it feel like?

The hookworm are applied to a bandage and placed on the skin (I put the bandage on my forearm). After about 15 minutes there was an itching sensation which lasted about 15-30 minutes before fading away. Over the next couple of weeks after inoculation a rash appeared on the site and itched on and off.

Any side effects?

At about week 5 I experienced stomach discomfort, cramping, diarrhoea and my stomach felt a bit inflamed but this was short-lived and only lasted a couple of days.

Any improvements?

I’m a week 11 now- due to have a 2nd dose within the next couple of weeks.  My stomach is not as sensitive as it used to be. I still haven’t had any improvements regarding the food intolerance but I’m not at my therapeutic dosage yet so that may come later. I have noticed that my sinuses are clearer though and my hayfever hasn’t been as bad this summer as it usually is so something is happening.

I’m fascinated to know how M gets on in her next instalment and wish her much success from all of us.

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