How Common Is Gluten Sensitivity?


Superb post today from Mark’s Daily Apple paleo site on this question. He is basically giving a rundown of gluten sensitivity as he sees it and reckons, like me, that most of the population has the potential for gluten sensitivity even if they don’t know it. The gene prevalence alone and the effect gluten has on zonulin, which we all produce, makes this quite likely. I doubt it will ever be seen that way though.

Anyway, his recommendation is to trial without gluten and confirm with the appropriate tests if you can , pointing out as I do the various deficiencies in testing for non-coeliac gluten sensitivity as opposed to coeliac disease. See my take on gluten testing here for more on this. Basically, diet challenge, gene testing and confirm coeliac if you can but don’t assume you don’t have it just because the antibodies don’t show up. I wish someone had told me that 20 years ago and I wouldn’t be so hyper-sensitive now with a very degraded body barrier strength. That’s why I am passing the info onto you!

Have a read.


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