Vitamin D Improves #Eczema and #Dermatitis

It seems I am writing about the rather miraculous benefits of Vitamin D a lot recently! Here’s a great ray of hope for those of you with eczema and dermatitis, though.

A recent study found those supplemented with a relatively low amount of Vitamin D (1600iu) had a ‘dramatic’ improvement in their symptoms. That suggests to me that their Vitamin D levels were pretty low for that amount to have such a good effect. Check yours out and supplement if low.

Are Yours Really Normal: Are You Sure…?

One point I seem to be making to people almost daily currently is that they have had their GP test Vitamin D levels (good) and been told they are normal (er, possibly good, read on).

Based on the ‘normal’ results I have seen, they are anything but normal and are still too low according to the guidelines I use.

I aim for a level of 50-80ug/L (125 – 200 nmol/L) which is deemed optimal for real health by many experts. People at 3o-odd are being told theirs is OK because it falls within a reference range that is outdated. It is changing slowly, but do look at your results. If in doubt, ask me!

There is also a specific level of supplement and type to take to raise your scores properly, so do ask me before taking corrective stuff willy-nilly. It is then important to re-test so you can bring your supplementation level down rather than go on and give yourself too much.

Source: Foodsmatter newsletter, August 12

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